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Restock Alert!

We are writing to let you know that our highly sought-after Delta 8 + Delta 9 gummies, as well as our indica and sativa live resin gummies, are now back in stock! We understand that many of our customers have been eagerly waiting for these products to become available again, and we are thrilled to be able to offer them once more. Our Delta 8 + Delta 9 gummies are a unique blend of cannabinoids that provide a potent and well-rounded experience. Our indica live resin gummies are perfect for those looking for a relaxing and calming experience, while our sativa live resin gummies offer a more energetic and uplifting experience. As always, we use only the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing processes to ensure that our products are of the utmost quality. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the taste, potency, and overall experience of our gummies. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stock up on your favorite products! Head to our website now to place your order before they sell out again.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,

Your CBD Store Chardon

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