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Beyond Live Resin? What's the difference?

So if you have been into the store as of lately you might notice, if you take any delta products, that we have new "live resin" beyond gummies. I've had a lot of people ask me what the difference is between the old gummies that we still carry and the new ones. I wondered the same thing when they first came in, so I took the time to attend the corporate meeting on the new products and here is what our in-house PHD chemist, Dr. Anthony Ferrari (Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry) had to say. So the main difference between what makes an oil "live" or not is the extraction process it goes through. Your normal extraction process takes the raw plant material and grinds it down first. The plant material is then pressed at a high temperature and with a lot of force to extract the oils found within. After this the oils are brought up to almost a boiling temperature in a mixing flask and terpenes, which are natural and found in almost all living plant organisms, are added to change the flavor profile, and add to the entourage effect to give you your desired result from the product. So for example a product that is labeled as "indica" may have terpenes such as linalool, found in the lavender plant, that make you feel more relaxed, etc. Where as a product labeled "sativa" may have terpenes such as limonene, found in citrus peel, added to make you feel alert and energetic. So now that you know what terpenes are lets talk about what makes an oil "live". By the way when I say "oil" "resin" or "extract" they all mean the same thing, it's basically just the oil you get from pressing the plant material. So anyway, when you want to get "live" oil it's basically the same method as listed above except before you press the plant material you need to flash freeze it. So you take grinded plant material, freeze it using liquid nitrogen or any other supercooling method, press it, and bam, you now have live resin. So what's the real difference then between live resin and the regular oil? Live resin holds all it's natural terpenes, minor cannabinoids such as CBN or CBG, and plant material. So when you are NOT making live resin oil the pressing and boiling process gets rid of most of that good stuff you want in a CBD product. So you have to add it all back in at a later point. Where as live resin, because it is frozen, holds onto all those good things you want. If you haven't tried our new live resin gummies stop in for a free sample they are my new favorite thing at the store for sure. Anyway, hope you learned something, and thanks for taking the time to read today's blog post.

I've attached the lab reports for the new live resin gummies below, so you can have a look at what you're really getting.

SA-221101-13631 SunFlora Inc. 25mg D9 Sativa Gummy 2_1 (1) (2)
Download PDF • 2.14MB

SA-221101-13632 SunFlora Inc. 25mg D9 Hybrid Gummy 2_1
Download PDF • 1.88MB

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